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Higher Than Ever Before


As a legacy of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, ViaSport BC is dedicated to increasing awareness, opportunity and participation in sport across the province. Part of this is done through their ViaSport Media branch, which provides streaming coverage of amateur sporting events such as the national championships for volleyball and rhythmic gymnastics. Steel Swords Productions has assisted ViaSport with live productions such as the 2015 IFSC Speed World Cup and the Canadian Difficulty and Speed National Championships at the Boulders Climbing Gym in Central Saanich and the 2015 BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) Provincial Championships at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Additionally, SSP has been contracted in for ENG-style shoots, such as covering the 2015 Mobility Cup in Esquimalt.

[ViaSport Media’s] goal is to be at as many sport events as possible to share live-streamed and feature coverage with families, friends and fans across BC and the world.
— ViaSport Media

BC's Premier Gaming Experience


 Started in 2009, GottaCon outgrew its beginnings in the Pearkes Recreation Centre in Saanich to take over the Victoria Conference Centre (including the Crystal Gardens) in downtown Victoria. Running the gamut of geeky hobbies from video and tabletop games to cosplay, this Friday-to-Sunday convention attracted enthusiastic crowds of gamers of all ages and genders. Steel Swords Productions was thrilled to provide video coverage and promotions for the convention, including the pre-show industry panel for local students.


“Steel Swords Productions was very helpful to someone going through this process for the first time. [SSP] also produced some very nice videos.”
— Carson Upton, GottaCon Partner

Tiny Realms Gets Bigger


Victoria-based developer TinyMob Games released their game Tiny Realms in June 2014. Billed as an improvement on the mobile fantasy strategy genre started by games like Clash of ClansTiny Realms boasted three distinct factions, direct unit control and a deep backstory centred around the "Realm of Light". In October 2014, TinyMob upped the ante by adding a global territorial conquest mode, "Battlegrounds". To promote the launch of this new feature, Steel Swords Productions was asked to create a video series showing off the "Battlegrounds" feature and highlighting the progress of each faction as the players waged war across the map. The end result was a four-part series using content captured directly from the iPhone version of the game.


Steel Swords Productions was a great partner to work with... [SSP] brought a high level of professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm to all aspects of our project. The videos [SSP] produced were exactly what we envisioned and exceeded our expectations in many ways.
— Eric Dyck, TinyMob Games