Three decades of gaming. Zero lessons learned.

Steel Swords Productions is proud to host Rituro Plays Games Badly as our official streaming content on Twitch and YouTube. As the name suggests, RPGB is hosted by Rituro - a veteran gamer who's been suffering through the world of video games since attempting to play Zaxxon on ColecoVision with an unplugged controller. He's managed to improve marginally since then; for example, his keyboard and mouse are always plugged in, so that's a plus.

You can watch Rituro's streams Monday mornings at 9am and Tuesday evenings at 7pm (Pacific Time). Mondays are devoted to the popular soccer simulator Football Manager, while Tuesdays are a grab bag of whatever Rituro's in the mood for that day. League of LegendsStarCraft IITeam Fortress 2, some indie game you've probably never heard of... nothing is too new, too old or too weird to be played badly.

Additionally, Rituro is available for hire through Steel Swords Productions as a shoutcaster for StarCraft II and League of Legends. While he might not play games well, he can certainly talk up a storm about them. Here's a sample of his work: